Le temps d’une pause
2, Chez Jandron - 33820  Saint-Palais
N°TVA : 16852643840

A campsite anchored in sustainable development

Our campsite near Blaye has decided to be in line with sustainable development. That is why we do everything to make our campsite greener, by limiting our impact on the environment and by controlling water and energy expenditure in a responsible manner. We work as much as possible with local producers and therefore favour short circuits. The campsite also offers nature-based activities, ideal to recharge your batteries.

The campsite has been awarded the CLEF VERTE label since 2012 and has been a member of Via Natura since 2019. Every year we update an action plan that allows us to progress in our environmental approach.

A lot has been achieved over the years:

- Domestic hot water is largely produced by solar panels with fluid circulation. The hot water produced is stored in a large tank to supply the campsite's sanitary facilities. We ask our customers to help us in this process by taking their showers, if possible, when the sun is still present. This avoids the use of a gas boiler.

- The majority of the taps are of the "push" type to limit the time the water runs and all are equipped with flow limiters (3l/min for the sinks and 8l/min for the showers).

- We have a 7,000 litre tank for the recovery of swimming pool water. The water first passes through a tank to remove the chlorine and then descends by gravity into the storage. This allows us to water the plants and trees on the campsite.

- All lighting is equipped with LED lights and we have placed timers in the common areas. The lighting on the campsite is kept to a minimum in order to limit night-time pollution and encourage biodiversity.

- A compost bin is available for daily composting. On the other hand, we have a much larger one to compost all the vegetation related to the maintenance of the site. We put leaves, hedge trimmings, grass that we pull up from the paths, and anything else that can make compost. All this material is recovered by a farmer about every 5 years to fertilise fields in Charente-Maritime, replacing chemical fertilisers.

- Since 2012, no pesticides or chemical fertilizers have been used on our campsite. Each time we plant a tree or a plant, we prefer local species that require little water.

- We are very attentive to the fauna and flora. For this reason we store dead wood in the same area to encourage the multiplicity of insects and we leave some areas uncultivated. Our hedges are not pruned from March to August so as not to disturb the reproduction of birds.

- A sharing cabinet is available to customers. All objects that are no longer used (clothing, food, etc.) are deposited and made available to those who need them. In the same spirit, we have a shared library where you can find books in 4 different languages (French, English, Dutch and German).

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